Kitchen Table Conversations: Looking Back to Move Forward

MN2020,a progressive think tank invited Kevin Dahle and myself on their ‘Kitchen Table Conversations’ segment to talk about education, cooking, hunting, and much more such reviewing the wilderness survival knife.  Here is the result: July 27, 2011 By Joe Sheeran & Tom Niemisto, Communications Staff “In a climate of high stakes testing, deep educational cuts […]

The Sinking Middle Class and a Shrinking Economy

We’ve been hearing a fair amount these days about the decline of the middle class.  A subject I have been writing about for almost ten years.  Debate on the manufactured debt-ceiling crisis has magnified the problem as politicians seem to want to further punish the middle class to protect the super wealthy. Few at the […]

Wellstone’s Birthday

Yesterday was Wellstone’s birthday, it is not too late to remember. The Winning Progressive Website remembered this way: Happy Birthday Paul!    You might also listen to one of his last speeches on the Iraq war. Wellstone was a rare politician who put the interests of working people over the interests of corporate profits.  An advocate for […]

Economy Talk with Dan Dimick

If you listened Wed. July 20th you heard my conversation with Dan Dimick, a therapist, who works with a number of vulnerable people in our area and he describes what potential budget cuts mean for those constituents and wonders how we will meet their needs if as a society we don’t see the value in […]

Economy Talk with Bob Ciernia

Small business owner and community activist Bob Ciernia joins me in the studio for a discussion about how he is doing in the recession and what he sees as a way forward for the economy.  Listen at 6pm Wednesday, July 27th on KYMN Radio 1080AM or listen on line at Hope you enjoy it.

Prelude to the Special Session

I drove down to Rochester to sit in on the question and answer session that Gov. Dayton and Rep. Kim Norton hosted at the Sr. Center.  Governor Dayton listened carefully and respectfully to all who came even two Republican legislators who criticized his proposals.  At that meeting in addition to hearing many folks tell their […]

Shut down ends – Special Session complete

Those of you interested in some coverage of the proceedings of the Special Session might find these comments by Rep. Rick Hansen interesting: It is 3:10 pm and we have convened into special session.  124 members are present.   The Majority has moved a recess to the call of the chair.  The following bills have been […]

Economy Talk: State Sen. John Marty

State Sen. John Marty of Roseville will be my guest on Economy talk this week.  We’ll talk about the role of government in our economy and an update on negotiations of the State shutdown.  Tune in Wed. 6pm, July 13th KYMN Radio at 1080AM or listen on line at EconomyTalk. To read a recent essay […]

Economy Talk: Richard Levins

My guest for this coming Wednesday’s installment of Economy Talk is Dr. Richard A. Levins, author, lecturer and Emeritus Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota.  We’ll take on the subject of what it  means for the next generation as our state and country retreats from investing in them and their future.  The […]
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