Addressing the Budget Deficit

The 2008 Legislature will use all the tools available to close the budget gap, including cuts. However, we will take a long-term “balanced approach” that Minnesotans want us to do when it comes to solving this crisis. Finance committees will begin their work soon. The Governor has proposed a short-term view and fails to address the larger problems with the Minnesota budget. His current budget proposal, which includes a 1/8 of 1% reduction in the state sales tax, which he calls a “modest stimulus for the economy” will financially affect students struggling to afford the rising costs of higher education. It will also affect the care of our elderly and those with disabilities and it will “pull the rug out” from under those who cannot help themselves. An article in the Rochester Post-Bulletin on March 13 titled “Governor’s sales-tax cut is penny foolish” points to the Governor’s “stimulus” as nothing more than “voodoo economics“.

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