Balancing the Budget

scalesIn the months ahead, our state will have to resolve one of the largest budget deficits of the last 30 years.  Our current economic climate is poor and according to forecasters will grow worse before improving.  Considerable uncertainty surrounds our ability to predict when the economy will turn around and start to finally rebound. 


With this in mind, Sen. Kevin Dahl and I embarked on an informational tour around our district.  We presented Town Hall meetings describing how challenging it will be to overcome this budget deficit.  Soliciting input from ordinary citizens has always been a thoughtful and enlightening experience.  Learning what you think and believe is very helpful and your ideas are valuable to us.


Some of the comments from the various meetings range from eliminating redundancies in government programs to combining state, county and city policies and programs.  Some suggested a new tier of upper level income tax and one individual suggested a concept that was used in the 1930’s called “Complementary Money”; the idea being to keep money circulating in the state. 


Whatever suggestions you might have, we welcome them.  Feel free to comment here if you have a suggestion that might improve this economic climate and help in balancing the budget.

One thought on “Balancing the Budget

  1. Thinking about who has the money during this climate, I am reminded of the endless pharmaceutical company commercials that we see on TV, in magazines and newspapers, and on the radio. Continually invading my privacy daily. Is it possible to tax/fee these companies? Elliot Dallavalle