Corporate America Is Taxing Us to Death

My friend Richard Levins sent me a book he is publishing called,  “Middle Class*Union Made.” It is an excellent analysis of our current economic situation.  Dick used to be my neighbor on Lincoln Street but now lives in St. Paul.  He is an Ag Economist at the University of Minnesota and wrote an excellent short […]


I received earlier today an update from Charles Skinner concerning the importance of following the rules when it comes to EAW requirements for operation of feedlots over 1000 animal units. Gordon Cumming will present information to the County Board regarding the Boards consideration of a CUP (conditional use permit) request without an EAW (Environmental Assessment […]

Farmers Union County Convention

Thursday evening, after doorknocking, I went to the Farmers Union Rice County Convention. Farmers Union PAC has endorsed me in the 25B race. Some of their priorities last session were promotion of a “seed saver” bill, a lower percentage of permanent easements in the CREP program,ethanol and biodiesel manufacturing and use, restriction of alien ownership […]


I subscribe to an excellent newsletter surveying national events that affect rural America from the Center for Rural Affairs , which focuses on the differing social dynamics in rural communities, problems of large corporate farming and how to improve the success of beginning farmers. But the latest edition also had an interesting piece about taxpayer […]


© 2002 Richard Krogstad, Sole Survivor 3, 24 by 40 inches, oil on panel In 1958, University of Minnesota Professor Willard Cochrane wrote in his book, Farm Prices: Myth and Reality: Like all people who take pride in our country, I value certain of our institutions highly: our public school system, our Bill of Rights, […]

Environmental Listening Session

Last night was the “Environmental Listening Session” or “Natural Resources Listening Session,” with Rep. Ray Cox, Rep. Dennis Ozment, Chair of the House Environment and Natural Resources Finance, and Rep. Tom Hackbarth, Chair of the House Environment and Natural Resources Policy Committee. Like the Energy Listening Session, it was well attended, standing room only in […]

Preserving a bit of Yesterday for today.

Last Sunday I drove down to Nerstrand to join in the All Church outdoor worship service, where the Methodist, Congregational and Lutheran churches of Nerstrand come together for a community service in the park. After the wonderful service filled with some of my favorite hymns, we were treated to a fine Minnesota church salad and […]

Cannon River Watershed Festival

Saturday I visited the Cannon River Watershed Partnership’s Cannon River Festival, on Bridge Square in Northfield. Environmentally conscious folks met to share information on everything from clean water, organic farming, septic tanks, watersheds, pasture fed dairy cows, sustainable farming, food co-ops, and wind energy. All are working to lessen negative environmental impacts and make modern […]
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