Finding New Heroes

The other day my friend Arnie Arneson, radio host for “Political Chowder” sent me an article from the New Hampshire Portland Press Herald explaining reactions to Gov. Paul LePage’s proposed budget $6.1 billion spending package in which he proposes to raid teacher benefits and pensions to pay for a huge tax cut for wealthy Mainers. […]

Afternoon in Rushford

Last Saturday I took a trek down to Rushford Minnesota to join other DFLers in a discussion of Gov. Dayton’s proposal to ‘tax the rich.’ Former State Rep. (31B) Ken Tschumper had organized the event and invited several other local folks to join him. Here is the agenda: Everything about Budget Projections Ken Tschumper; former […]

Paul Gardner’s Plain English Guide to the Minnesota State Budget!

Those of you interested in understanding Minnesota’s budget process would be greatly helped by visiting Paul Gardner’s blog.  He did a great job making it easier to understand. I served with Paul in the MN House two terms and he is a great legislator who passed some very important environmental legislation.  You can get a […]

Cost of Healthcare

My friend Steve Jaunsz sent me this e-mail after reading my post on healthcare: Here is some information on Minnesota health organizations that relate to their revenues and expenses. The Minneapolis StarTribune published an annual report of the top 100 nonprofits in Minnesota for 2009 in the Sunday 12/19/2010 newspaper. The top 15 organizations in […]

“Who’s Minding the Store?”

Early this week Sen. John Marty published a piece about the growing concern about our inability to discern the cost of having private HMOs manage our public health plans.  It followed the firing of David Feinwachs, an attorney for the Minnesota Hospital Association.  He was fired apparently because HMO’s applied pressure to push him out […]
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