School District Capital Facilities Bond

Minnesota is facing a $935 million budget deficit due to our state’s recent economic downturn. As the Legislature looks to make those targeted budget cuts, we need to ensure that we are not cutting those investments that pay-off in the future such as education. In 2003, when the state faced a larger budget deficit, the […]

Addressing the Budget Deficit

The 2008 Legislature will use all the tools available to close the budget gap, including cuts. However, we will take a long-term “balanced approach” that Minnesotans want us to do when it comes to solving this crisis. Finance committees will begin their work soon. The Governor has proposed a short-term view and fails to address […]

Budget Cuts at the U of M and MNSCU

A March 12, 2008, front page article in the STPP reports that state college costs for Minnesota students are nearly twice the U. S. average.   To read the article click here, click on the home tab, and choose Archived Search and enter “college costs” in the search box.   On average, tuition fees for a full-time student in Minnesota are $4,720. The national average […]

Carol Bly

Minnesota author, Carol Bly died December 21, 2007 of complications from ovarian cancer. She was 77. A public memorial service has been set for her. She will be honored from 2 to 5 p.m. Feb. 10 at Hamline University‘s Sundin Music Hall, 1536 Hewitt Ave., St. Paul. A program will begin at 3 p.m. I […]

Higher Education

From the beginning of the session the Higher Ed. committee took testimony from students and others about the adverse effects of the rising costs of college tuition.  We made considerable effort to remedy this problem and looked at other ways to keep college costs down, like measures students suggested on how to lower textbook costs. […]


According to Bud Heidgerken, Republican Rep. from Freeport, Rep. Greiling's e-12 education Bill was the best education bill he had ever seen.  The Governor didn't agree.  We even came up with some good plans for how to pay for it.  Again he didn't agree.   The Governor never would agree to a budget target and would […]

Education – Issues of concern.

Earlier this month I attended the Alliance for Student Achievement Education Summit at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I ran into several other folks from Northfield among them School Board members Kari Nelson, Diane Cirksena, and Wendy Smith; as well as Superintendent Richardson and MASA Executive Charlie Kyte, sometimes called the voice of Minnesota education. Much […]

School Funding – It doesn’t grow on trees.

February 2nd I attended an excellent presentation by Mary Cecconi, Executive Director of Parents United for Public Schools called “School Funding 101: How Did We Get Here?” It offered an explanation of the current system for funding Minnesota schools and why it is failing us. This brings me back to the beginning of my previous […]

Q- Comp

What is Q-Comp? It is an interesting question and on one level, an excellent example of how laws and initiatives are made at State Government. I know it is often described by the metaphor of making sausage, a process most don’t want to watch. But in another way it is like those powerful forces of […]
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