The Minnesota Health Act

On Thursday March 5th I will be giving a presentation on The Minnesota Health Act.  This is a single-payer health plan for all Minnesotans that I have introduced in the Legislature.  We have one of the most expensive health care systems in the world and yet many people are just not able to receive the […]

Early Childhood Education – 2008

This has been called one of the most productive legislative sessions we’ve seen in many years. As you know with the tremendous work of members and staff we were successful in passing increases for transportation, education and nursing home workers. We balanced a $1 billion budget deficit, and passed property tax relief, as well as […]

End of session and beyond

The 2008 session ended in the midst of the State’s celebration of its 150th birthday. This photo shows the rare occasion where the chandelier of the rotunda was lit. Saturday’s session began at 10:00am and ended at 4:30am the next day. We started up again later on Sunday at 1:00pm. As you might imagine I […]

Lawmakers Beat the Clock

On Sunday, May 18th, the 85th MN Legislature and the Governor agreed on the Omnibus Budget Bill (HF 1812.) The deal was reached just hours before the clock ran out on the 2008 session. With a group of Civil War re-enactors singing songs from the 1850-60’s era in the Rotunda, Rep. Lyndon Carlson, (DFL 45B), […]

Nursing Home COLA

After an intense lobbying effort from advocates and from legislators like myself and Rep. Patti Fritz, Majority Leader Tony Sertich advised us of the following: “We wanted you to be aware that after receiving significant feedback from the caucus, an amendment was added by Rep. Huntley to the Health and Human Services portion of the […]

Health Care Reform

This Legislature is reaching across the isle by building a coalition of political constituents combined with business and labor sectors, medical professionals and patients to reform our health care system. I have been involved in canvassing the state with other legislators to educate and inform Minnesotans about our new “Minnesota Health Plan” proposal. I believe […]

Addressing the Budget Deficit

The 2008 Legislature will use all the tools available to close the budget gap, including cuts. However, we will take a long-term “balanced approach” that Minnesotans want us to do when it comes to solving this crisis. Finance committees will begin their work soon. The Governor has proposed a short-term view and fails to address […]

The Minnesota Health Plan

On February 9, 2008, a date to remember, a group of newly elected freshmen legislators, including myself, introduced a Single Payer Universal Health Plan to members of the Northfield Community. Representatives Carolyn Laine, Shelly Madore, and myself, along with Senator John Marty sponsored a Town Hall meeting at the Library to educate the citizens of […]

Invitation to a Town Hall Meeting

I am hosting a Town Hall meeting on Minnesota Health care reform on February 9. For more information see this Town Hall Meeting flyer:
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