Economy Talk 6: D. Arnie Arnesen

My friend Arnie Arnesen was in town to moderate several panels for the St. Olaf Economic Summit held April 15th this year. I asked if she could join me for a brief half hour interview.  This week’s show (May 11th, 6pm, KYMN Radio) is a recording of that conversation. Those of you who don’t know her here […]

Economy Talk 4: Do the Right Thing

“Do the right thing in the right way all the time”  Tor Dahl says he found this quote on the tallest statue of Buddha in China.  It has been a guide for him since and he says he recognized it as the sentiment that has shaped his life.  In my conversation with Tor Dahl he […]

Rally for the People

      In early April I joined about a hundred other concerned citizens to express concerns about policies across the country that undermine the rights of citizens.  Several spoke including myself and former Senator Kevin Dahle.  Here is the text of my speech on that day: We are in the “best of times and […]

Finding New Heroes

The other day my friend Arnie Arneson, radio host for “Political Chowder” sent me an article from the New Hampshire Portland Press Herald explaining reactions to Gov. Paul LePage’s proposed budget $6.1 billion spending package in which he proposes to raid teacher benefits and pensions to pay for a huge tax cut for wealthy Mainers. […]

Middle Class hardest hit for State taxes

I received an interesting report from the Washington, D.C. office of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. In the 2009 edition of Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems in All 50 States, it was found that One-fifth earn under $23,000 a year. They pay on average 9.2% of their income in […]

Coming Dark Age?

In her 2004 book “Dark Age Ahead” urban economist Jane Jacobs, describes the decay of five key “pillars” in the U.S. and Canada. She argues that this decay threatens to create a dark age unless the trends are reversed. Jacobs characterizes a dark age as a “mass amnesia” where even the memory of what was […]

On Rebuilding Equalizing Institutions

I’ve been reading Robert Kuttner’s “The Squandering of America” he makes a great case for why we need to transform our country to restore the middle class and our democracy. He makes it clear how the misguided policies of the last decade have cost us dearly as a nation and a people. He offers hope […]

The Middle Class Amendment

During my last campaign I talked frequently about a “Middle Class Amendment” I was working on. I discussed five (5) building blocks on which to build and strengthen our current middle class. Those 5 blocks are: 1. Transportation 2. Education 3. Health Care 4. A Living Wage 5. Clean Environment These five building blocks are […]
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