Lessard Outdoor Heritage Council

The Lessard Outdoor Heritage Council, named after longtime State Sen. Bob Lessard of International Falls, Minn., is charged with recommending appropriations to restore, protect and enhance wetlands, prairies, forests and habitat for game, fish and wildlife. It has been predicted that the fund will reach approximately $80 million in fiscal year 2010 and $91 million […]

A Little Insight on Wall Street

The recent financial crisis on Wall Street has generated a great many discussions on regulation vs. deregulation.  Phil Gramm (R), retired Senator from Texas, who was the driving force behind deregulation, recently was asked by the New York Times if he still agrees with the policies he set forth to allow less and less oversight […]


Thank you to all who worked so hard on my behalf. Thank you for once again sending me to the legislature on your behalf. Your friendship and support mean so much to me. I will be back in my office two or three days a week working hard on the coming session. There is much […]

Election Night Party

The committee to re-elect Rep. David Bly to his second term in MN House District 25B will be having their victory party at Froggy Bottoms in Northfield. Froggy’s is located at 305 Water Street S, in Northfield. Polls close at 8:00 PM and results should start trickling in around 10:00 PM. All supporters are welcome […]

Remembering Richard Bly

November 3rd is my brother Richard’s birthday. You can see him here in the photo with my sister and me. He passed away a year ago Sept. 8th with complications of brain cancer. Throughout the day I kept feeling, “What a blessing it is – a warm sunny day filled with warm greetings and good […]

Only a few days left in the Campaign!

Voters are telling me that these are anxious times but that they feel hopeful about the potential for change in our future. We face unprecedented challenges from a faltering economy to global climate change. But most of you feel that it is not beyond our ability as a state and a nation to make necessary […]

Final Debate for House District 25B

On Tuesday, October 28, the final debate for House District 25B will be conducted at 7:30pm, Room 149, Olin Hall, on the Carleton campus. All interested citizens are welcome so come and support Rep. David Bly for this final debate.

A Legislator’s Job

Well it has been a busy campaign season from parades to fairs, to fund raising events, to phone calling and door knocking. But we have had some beautiful fall weather to do it in. I had a great time Sunday afternoon talking to voters around Cedar Lake with former Representative and Speaker of the House […]

Conservation Minnesota’s Champions of Minnesota’s Great Outdoors

2008 State Conservation Scorecard Representative David Bly received a “100% Minnesotan” award Monday, September 22, from Paul Austin, Executive Director of the Conservation Minnesota Voter Center. The award recognizes a perfect record on key conservation, energy and clean water votes during the 2008 Minnesota legislative session. The Conservation Minnesota Voter Center is a non-partisan organization […]