District Six MN DOT Report

I attended a presentation by the new Commissioner of Transportation, Thomas K. Sorel
and District 6 staff of the transportation plans for coming years. They explained that the moneys allocated by the legislature would primarily be used for bridge repair and that although their would be some forward movement on pending projects it would be difficult to move many of them up. I have heard from many constituents that they are concerned about many of the roads in my district and although they are pleased to see bridges addressed along the highway 3 corridor they want improvements to highway 19, 246 and 21 to go forward. I have received word form MnDOT that they do have a plan for resurfacing and striping on highway 19 which should address some of the safety concerns and that things are in negotiation with the contractor on highway 21 but things should move forward soon.

2 thoughts on “District Six MN DOT Report

  1. Great news and great update. It is amazing when anyone can get anything out of MNDOT, since under Republican Governor Pawlenty, MNDOT has neglected so much for so long that there is a huge backlog.

  2. Gerald Werlinger says:

    I will get right to the point. I hope you have voted NO or plan to vote NO on the 700 Billion bail out.