Health Care Exchange Signed by Governor

medical_doctorFriday the House passed a bill that would fund  a new state agency charged with running a health care exchange.  The agency would work with insurance carriers who would sell health care plans through a state website. According to the Minnesota Legislature’s Session Daily, more than one million consumers are expected to purchase health insurance through the exchange.

Various groups are calling for action on the current health care crisis. The American Journal of Medicine is set to publish a Harvard study saying that nearly two-thirds of bankruptcies are a result of medical bills. Reading all these studies reminds me that my EHIC card has expired and that I should take care of that before I go home to the EU.

Small Business Minnesota also weighed in with a letter to the editor of the Star Tribune encouraging legislators to pass the Health Care Exchange Bill.

If Minnesota doesn’t establish an agency to run the health care exchange, then an automatic deferral to a federally-run exchange would occur.

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