More Info on Green Acres

acres-of-cornFor those of you unfamiliar with Green Acres, it is a program that has been in place for a long while to conserve agriculture land for family farmers and landowners by providing them a property tax rate that wouldn’t “price” them out of their land to developers. In efforts to modernize the program last session, the Legislature made several changes. Unfortunately, there were unintended consequences that negatively affected many Minnesota farmers and landowners throughout the state and in our area.

I’ve spent the last several months discussing the Green Acres changes with local officials and landowners who would be affected by these changes to figure out the best legislative course of action we need to take this session. I have co-authored a bill moving through the legislative process to resolve the problems created by the 2008 changes and it has already passed through the Agricultural and Rural Economies Committee. I’ll keep you updated as these bills move forward this session.

I encourage anyone with further questions to contact me and we can discuss it in more depth.

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