End of session wrap up

With the help of Michael Howard here is my end of session wrap up video. I have to say I was sleep deprived but at least a day away from the marathon session. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Rep. Hansen’s end of the 2010 Session

We adjourned Sine Die before midnight (a day early). The Constitution requires that we cannot pass a bill on the last day of session therefore, we adjourned yesterday and the Governor called the legislature into session at 12:01 AM. There is an agreement on the budget, but not enough time to draft the bill. We […]

A Page from Rep. Hansen’s journal

Rep. Rick Hansen of South St. Paul, occasionally sends out updates to constituents and members, this one gives a flavor of what our weekend has been like.  I thought you might find it interesting to read, especially since I haven’t blogged much the past month. We are currently sitting at our desks waiting for reconvening […]

Governor signs eminent domain law to protect landowners

ST. PAUL – Governor Pawlenty has signed legislation I authored to increase fairness for Minnesota landowners involved in an eminent domain process with utility companies. The law repeals the special exemptions for eminent domain given to utility companies involving high-voltage transmission lines and natural gas and petroleum pipelines. This new law is a victory for […]

Action on Eminent Domain Exemptions for Public Service Corps

My bill, HF. 1182 to remove exemptions for eminent domain proceedings for High Voltage Powerlines and Pipelines, passed on the MN House floor with a vote of 123 to 5 yesterday. This measure will protect property owners, making sure they are dealt with fairly in the taking of land through eminent domain.  A summary of […]

State Economist praises the Federal Stimulus Money

A thorough and informative article was published by Doug Grow from Minnpost.com titled “Budget forecast highlights the vastly different federal stimulus views of Pawlenty and state economist.”  As it states in the article, Gov. Pawlenty has been in “attack mode” regarding almost everything the Obama administration has been doing including the federal stimulus money.  However, […]

Why it’s Important to Fix GAMC

The Star Tribune reported on the failure of the legislature to override a veto of a bill which would have stopped the transfer of 32,000 people from General Assistance Medicare to MinnesotaCare. Since many of those covered by GAMC are veterans, or homeless, or people who suffer from mental illness, MinnesotaCare may not adequately address […]

Interesting Briefs Filed on Unallotment

On Monday, March 15, at 9:00 AM the Minnesota Supreme Court will address the arguments for and against the unallotments made to the budget by Governor Pawlenty. In a Friend of the Court Brief from the League of Minnesota Cities, an argument is made that the legislature, when passing the unallotment statute in 1939, does […]

SFA’s Annual Conference

The Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota held its 19th annual conference at St. Olaf College on Saturday, February 20th.  SFA’s mission is to support the development and enhancement of sustainable farming systems through innovation, demonstration, education, and farmer-to-farmer networking.  Mark Richie, Minnesota Secretary of State gave the keynote address “Farming 2020, A Sustainable Vision.”  The […]