Will the real Elmer please stand up?

Thursday evening I participated in a candidate forum at Carleton College, organized by David Holman of the Wellstone House of Organization and Activism. The many attendees were witness to a good discussion from city, county, and school board candidates, and the House 25B candidates, Rep. Ray Cox and myself. Roy Grow was the moderator and […]

Busy Friday

Here I am on the phone with KDHL’s GORDY KOSFELDHe keeps saying I am hard to get a hold of, makes wild on-air APB’s putting the word out on me, but he can’t seem to call the campaign office, fully staffed and I’m in the book, oh well, and between my work at the ALC […]

St. Olaf College Democrats!

On Thursday evening, St. Olaf College Democrats heard from Mayoral candidates Betsey Buckheit and Lee Lansing as well as County Commissioner Kathleen Doran-Norton and City Council candidates Clarice Grabau and Victor Summa. They all did a fine job talking about the important part college students play in enhancing the life of the Northfield community. I […]

Northfield Education Association

On Wednesday, the 13th, the Northfield Education Association (NEA) held its annual all-member meeting. Two items were on the agenda, setting the annual budget and endorsements of local candidates. The budget discussion took about 15 minutes, and a plan was put into place to evaluate school board candidates. The final issue was resolving the issue […]

“Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

The words of Ross Perot’s Vice Presidential candidate, James Bond Stockdale, came to mind during the Chamber of Commerce Legislative Candidate Forum at the Archer House on Thursday morning, where I don’t think I was in my best form. I wasn’t the only one… My left hemisphere was engaging my right hemisphere in witty repartee, […]

It’s campaign season in 25B

We’re down to the wire here, with less than a month to go. There have been many forums over the last two weeks, including the 3 Links Forum, League of Women Voter’s Candidate Forum, and the Chamber of Commerce Forum. At the League of Women Voters Forum, one thing that stood out was the way […]

Art of Democracy

Stephanie Henrickson stopped by to share her latest political creation. She is on her way to enter it at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts:The Art of Democracy: Tools of Persuasion October 8 through November 28, 2004 Minnesota Artists Gallery“Art of Democracy: Tools of Persuasion” is an open call for Minnesota artists to express their political […]

Wise Investments

Last Friday, I attended an education summit sponsored by the Alliance for Student Achievement, which includes Education Minnesota, The Association of Metropolitan School District (AMSD), Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA), Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP), Schools for Equity in Education (SEE), Minnesota Association of School Business Officials. I was fortunate to hear Art […]

Get specific! Whaddya gonna do?

At the Long Term Care forum at Three Links a question was “it seems likely that the greatest pressure in the 2005 legislative session will be for increased spending in five areas: transportation; k-12 education; corrections; increasing access to health care for children, low-income and the working poor; and older adult services. Since those five […]