FBI special agent Coleen Rowley on the Patriot Act

Sunday afternoon in Wabasha, The River Cities Alliance for Peace invited FBI special agent Coleen Rowley to speak about the Patriot Act at the Wabasha Mittel Schole. She focused her comments on a paper she had written last May, seeking “a better balance between our protection from further acts of terroroism and our Constitutional rights […]

February 18, 2004

Charter Schools and Public Schools – Proper Funding is Essential for Success

Representative Cox blogged about a recent Star Tribune article that mentions Northfield’s three Charter Schools, which raised the positive aspects of Charter schools and also concerns that traditional educators have about them. This is especially important in the present mood to under-fund traditional education and the difficulty public schools face, given lack of funding, in […]

February 15, 2004

Why I am running

I am running for the House of Representatives for District 25B, the seat currently held by Ray Cox. In the last election, he won by 20 votes, 44 in the recount, and that close vote is hardly a mandate. In this election, I will work for a decisive win that shows the commitment of this […]

February 10, 2004

Wellstone Action

Last Thursday evening I attended the Wellstone Action meeting at River City Books to discuss former Senator Paul Wellstone’s book “The Conscience of a Liberal“. It was a sparsely attended meeting, but the discussion was vigorous. I was unfortunately late, having attended a meeting with folks from the DFL House Caucus about my campaign. I […]

February 9, 2004

Legislative Watchdogs

If you want to keep an eye on certain issues as they move through the legislative session there are some great tools out there. The Center of the American Experiment has developed a very easy to use website that provides readable brief descriptions of every bill, floor amendment, and roll call vote in theIntroduced to […]

February 7, 2004

No Child Left Behind Salon

Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining a Salon discussion at Molly and Bill Woerlin’s house about the ‘No Child Left Behind’ Legislation. It was a wonderful evening talking about a full range of educational topics. Many of the participants had been teachers and professors themselves with many years of experience and their perspective […]

February 3, 2004

Rock Your Party: Finding Our Voice in the DFL

Saturday I attended the Minnesota Young DFL event, “Rock Your Party: Finding Our Voice in the DFL” at Hamline University in St. Paul. The morning Keynote speaker was Gregory Gray, who, MDFL notes, was the “6th African American to ever serve in the Minnesota legislature (1999-2002), and the 2nd African American to receive the endorsement […]

February 1, 2004

Key Holds Silent Auction

Monday night at Hogan Brothers the ‘Key,’ that is the Northfield Union of Youth, held a silent auction fundraiser. Among the items on display were Pat Lampe woodcuts, Adirondack chairs handmade by Union of Youth members, hand made frames, gloves, Teddy bears, and a variety of gift certificates and miscellaneous items. The event was accompanied […]

January 30, 2004


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, someone sent me a copy of an essay he wrote in 1948 called THE PURPOSE OF EDUCATION, a thoughtful critique . I’ve just finished my Master’s degree, and at St. Mary’s University Commencement Sunday, I was surprised to hear similar sentiments echoed. Here are a few quotes […]

January 25, 2004