Minnesota Economics – Part One

Last week, Minnesota House Speaker Steve Sviggum gathered his caucus leadership around him and delivered the Republican house supplemental budget proposal. (MPR Photo/Laura McCallum) He seemed to be asking Minnesota voters to close their eyes and hope as they continue to cut necessary services and try to pay for government with gambling proceeds — all […]

LifeSmarts Teaches Consumer Awareness

This last Thursday evening, I helped out with the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs’ Youth conference called STARS Spring Events. Students prepare various demonstrations and performances, along with participating in various problems solving and skill events, to show what they’ve learned in their Alternative schools. One of the events is LifeSmarts, a program supported by […]

Fair and Clean Elections

There is an ongoing effort to pass legislation in Minnesota that is designed to take the adverse effects of money interests out of politics. This effort has already met with success in Maine and Arizona, where State legislatures voted to limit expenditures and encourage public financing of elections. In Minnesota, status of such efforts is […]

Sunday Night at the Theater

Rik Reppe chronicles his search for America in his play, Staggering Toward America, which was presented in its final performance on Sunday, March 14th. The play bill describes: Staggering Toward America Presented by Rik Reppe Feeling disconnected in the tragic aftermath of 9/11, Rik Reppe closed his thriving management consulting business and set out to […]

Town meetings — Part II

A continuation of my take on the Cox/Neuville/Brod Town meetings held on Feb.28th first blogged on March 1st. CREP/RIM CSP At the town meetings a couple of weeks ago, Rep. Cox also talked about the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) bill he is carrying on behalf of the Governor. I asked him about the dispute […]


Tuesday was Caucus night, and in Northfield, nearly 1,000 people turned out and excitedly and optimistically shouted “YES!!!!” we’ve had enough, and we’re ready for change, and we’re going to make that change! It was an inspiring evening, seeing so many politically active people who want to change the direction of this country, and I […]

Stick to the Facts

Republican antics backfire ! Last Saturday, the Northfield News published an editorial by Doug Jones, Nerstrand, in response to my announcement of my candidacy. Letters to the EditorWeb Posted Saturday, February 28, 2004 Wednesday, the Northfield News printed a correction, and also printed my response to the false statements of fact about my campaign financing.

Education Conversation

On Monday morning, Rep. Mindy Greiling of Roseville (54A) and Rep. Connie Bernardy of Fridley (51B), who are both on the Education Policy and Education Finance committee, came to Northfield to discuss education policy. They were warmly greeted by teachers and students from the Alternative Learning Center and two local Charter Schools. We all are […]

Saturday Town Meetings

Last Saturday, I attended all but one of the town meetings hosted by Rep. Ray Cox and Sen. Tom Neuville. About 40 people gathered in the small Belle Plaine Community Library meeting room to hear updates from the legislators and to ask questions. Healthcare topped the list of constituent concerns in Belle Plaine. Superintendent Lubovich […]