Out to Lunch — back soon!

From Carol Overland: David’s finishing his Masters, and as you can tell, he’s taking a short break from blogging — it’s hard enough to complete a Masters, let alone do it while working full time, so this time out is well needed and deserved. That said, here’s what’s going on while he’s working: It’s a […]

Rock for Democracy at Javalive

Saturday December 6th I joined Patti Fritz and Jeremy Kalin of Young Progressives and many other good Democrats at the Javalive Coffee shop in Faribault for some great music presented by Bonnie and the Clydes. Young Progressives is an issues oriented group organized to engage young people in grass roots politics. In addition to working […]

Education – What matters…

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it. ” -Upton Sinclair I think what bothers me so much about the President’s No Child Left Behind initiative is that it establishes a system for education that is so far removed from the system I envision […]


It’s worn out over time, but my kids still ask me, “So where were you when Kennedy was shot?” I do remember — sixth grade, returning from lunch. I was the first student in the classroom because I was told to come in over recess to work on my handwriting. The teacher sat stunned staring […]

Seagren, Sykora, Cox Hold Education Listening Session

This past week Bridgewater school hosted an education focused legislative listening session with Rep. Alice Seagren, chair of the House K-12 Education Finance Committee Rep. Barb Sykora , Chair of the House K-12 Education Policy Committee and Rep. Ray Cox of Northfield. The meeting was advertised as chance to comment Governor Pawlenty’s education initiatives, namely […]

St. O. Pol. Awareness Com. presents – Nadine Strossen and Patrick Buchanan

St. Olaf Political Awareness Committee presents: Nadine Strossen and Patrick Buchanan This was forwarded by Bob Ciernia and has been edited a bit: The St Olaf Political Awareness Committee is pleased to present a debate on civil liberties between two of America’s foremost scholars in this field, Nadine Strossen and Patrick Buchanan. Strossen and Buchanan […]


Northfield Police Chief Gary Smith gave a presentation to UCC church members Sunday morning before church as part of a series on preventing violence. He spoke from a perspective that was both practical and visionary. His belief is that because his 23 member police force can not be everywhere to stop crime, he needs to […]

Lights Out #9 – Where are we going and how will we get there?

MAPP addresses MISO’s Market Initiative Tuesday, October 21, the Mid-Continent Area Power Pool (MAPP) held its Regional Conference at Bandana Square – held there because there were too many people to fit into the MAPP headquarters just down Energy Park Drive. It was standing room only wall to wall energy wonks, ranging from electrical engineers, […]

Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women

The Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women held their first annual 5K Fun Run/Walk on Saturday, October 18, 2003. I participated in the walk to support the work of the shelter in Belle Plaine.We started out at Belle Plaine’s Heritage Park. It was a beautiful fall day, and the course passed the Halloween Fair at […]