Solar flares!! Could threaten electrical grid.

On the space weather website you can find information about a massive X-class flare! — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids The latest flare appears to have sent its CME (coronal mass ejection – A transient outflow of plasma from or through the solar corona, often but not […]

Lights Out #8 – Mid-Continent Area Power Pool

You got the update from MAAP, now here’s the update from MAPP! Following is an update from Carol Overland: On October 16, 2003, the Northern MAPP Sub-regional Planning Group, chaired by Mike Steckelberg of GRE, met at MAPP headquarters in St. Paul. These meetings are where the transmission plans for the MAPP northern region are […]

Education – What Matters – What works

MAAP Board meeting and SE regional conference As the MAAP newsletter editor, and past president I attended the Board meeting of the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs on October 3rd. Many programs are struggling with the results of the last legislative session and resisting the direction in which the new commissioner is heading us. Some […]

Lights Out #7 – Mesaba “Two Lobbyists and a Wife” Power Plant

Boon-dog-gle a wasteful or impractical project or activity often involving graft. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Ed.(2000), p. 132. The editorial in the St. Paul Pioneer Press put it well: What oinks and has its head on backward? No, this isn’t about feedlots and H.F. 1202. In this case, the St.PPP was referring to the federal […]

Lights out #6 – Two Lobbyists and a Wife

The Mesaba power plant, which I wrote about on October 2, is finally attracting a closer look, and none too soon, given the federal loan guarantees under consideration: Politics behind Iron Range power plant plan questioned Question of power on Iron Range Overland, the Red Wing utility regulatory attorney, said, “This power is not needed, […]

Investing in Community

Philanthropy Day – October 2, 2003 Today was the Northfield Foundation’s Philanthropy Day, held at St. Olaf, and coordinated by Pat Vincent of 3 Links. This well attended event is the embodiment of the belief of the importance of “Investment in Community” that I’ve been writing about. And the carrot cake was decadent! Judy Dutcher, […]

Lights Out #5 – Mesaba

“Two Lobbyists and a Wife” Coal Plant – Now it’s a Federal Issue! Mesaba’s corporate welfare is in the news again, but this time, it’s gone from a $10 million grant from the state to a whopping $800 million loan guarantee from the federal government! RANGE POWER PLANT PROJECT BRINGS POLITICAL PARTIES TOGETHER, by Lee […]

Earth Charter Summit – October 11, 2003

Third Annual Earth Charter Summit October 11, 2003 College of St. Catherine St. Paul, Minnesota FREE OF CHARGE! Keynote speaker – Kathryn Sikkink, U of M Professor of Political Science and an international expert in transnational social movements. Panel discussion – How can business support the common good? Transportation from Northfield to the Summit and […]


From Power outages to power lines energy is in the news a lot these days. It’s not all negative there are some interesting things happening in the next few weeks: RIDE WITH THE WIND Here’s an event for the weekend after next that just came in over the wire – RENew’s ‘Ride With The Wind’ […]