Valley Grove

Sunday before last, I took a break from the pressures of a new school year to attend the Valley Grove annual quilt sale and jello contest. Yes, a jello contest. It honors that “Norwegian” church tradition, the jello that is an essential element of all church gatherings. You’ve all seen the “recipes” in the church […]

Tying things up

Well, it’s been a long week. I am happy to say that after several months the Northfield School District and teachers’ association in Northfield appear to have reached an agreement. Both sides worked hard to do right by their interests yet bend enough toward the other to make it a good agreement. It was not […]

Education – What matters (fourth in a series)

In a recent Harper’s article, award winning teacher John Taylor Gatto, addresses his concerns about the negative effects of schools on children. He paints a picture of a strategy planned by the rich and powerful to produce a mass of consumers who will be obedient and content workers. Although the notion of an intentional conspiracy […]

Education – What matters (third in a series)

Here comes the school year, and here come the students from poor families, and there stand too many teachers insisting the students cannot be taught, that so high a mountain cannot be climbed. Given that attitude, the students are virtually done for. Their prospects for learning are dim. It’s unfair to say the teachers who […]

More for a Few and Less for You!! #8

The people know what’s really harsh: Minnesota Poll: Economy takes its toll on Bush Daniel Schorr: Deregulation is not the Promised LandLegislators see people feel pain of no new tax increases. (Anoka/editorial): Taxes on the rise: Cities look for new revenue as state cuts aid. (White Bear Lake) Blazer-Mn Chamber: City balances higher rates and […]

More for a Few, and Less for you — #7 What’s Really Harsh

The people know what’s really harsh: From the St. Cloud Times – 8 September, 2003Letter: Unfair trade bills hurt AmericaRichard Steffes, President, Central Minnesota Trades and Labor Association, St. Cloud In the past 30 months, 50,000 Minnesotans lost their jobs manufacturing tools, tapes, toys, cookware, paper, plastic containers, refrigerators, school computer stands, book trucks and […]

Education – What matters (second in a series)

Democratic Presidential candidate, Howard Dean says, “Today the President used his weekly radio address to praise his education bill, No Child Left Behind. Behind his glowing rhetoric is an unfortunate reality: Another broken promise by this President, who has broken his pledge to fund the statute’s new demands, creating crushing burdens for local school boards […]

More for a Few, and Less for You! # 6

Look at this!!! Republican fiscal policies are responsible, fairWeb Posted Saturday, September 06, 2003 No, Minnesotans are not undertaxedWeb Posted Saturday, September 06, 2003 Here’s the letter they are responding to:Letter to the editor: The other night, I attended a Northfield Precinct 2-1, neighborhood meeting hosted by Bill and Janet McGrath, a great idea for […]

“Get your guns, boys, they’re robbin’ the bank!!”

The Defeat of Jesse James Days celebrates a story of how individuals and a community responded in mutual interest to an immediate crisis– an 1800’s terrorist attack. These citizens from Joseph Lee Heywood to the folks joining to help put the common good ahead of their individual well being. Valiant selfless action saved the day, […]
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