Education – What matters (first in a series)

It’s been a hectic week. School is starting up again and there is that mix of excitement and stressful aversion about what schools demand. I remember clearly that sense of butterflies my stomach and wanting to see friends I hadn’t seen over the summer. I loathed and liked what school would demand and allow me […]

Lights Out? Here’s another way!

There’s lots of ethereal talk about renewable energy, but renewable energy is a very real ‘hands on’ alternative that is viable today. These are photos taken (by a RENew Northfield board member) at an installation of two small scale (under 40 kW) wind turbines last week at the Springer farm near Owatonna. Joseph Springer and […]

Preserving a bit of Yesterday for today.

Last Sunday I drove down to Nerstrand to join in the All Church outdoor worship service, where the Methodist, Congregational and Lutheran churches of Nerstrand come together for a community service in the park. After the wonderful service filled with some of my favorite hymns, we were treated to a fine Minnesota church salad and […]


Jim Hightower, former Texas commissioner Agriculture gave a fiery talk about the state we’re in with the Bush economy, and how thrilled he is to see that the people are ‘revolting’ – I mean that in the best possible sense,” he said. Lost jobs, rising National debt, and a stagnant economy have lead to growing […]

Sometimes the beauty of this area can almost be overwhelming. Each day as I drove back and forth across the house district when I was campaigning last year, I was struck by how blessed we are to live in such surroundings. I don’t pause to appreciate it often enough. Fortunately,I’ve been driving the country roads […]

Lights Out! #4 about Energy and Transmission

Today the Strib had a good editorial about ‘Fixing the grid: Don’t compromise the future.’ The word seems to be getting out. People are understanding that corporate greed for the profits of bulk power transactions is what is causing the system’s instability – they’re overloading the grid to its breaking point. “Deregulation of wholesale markets […]

Republican message

The meaning of the Republican message is in the impacts of their policies. What kind of economic plan advocates lower wages and causes the loss of millions of jobs as it watches the middle class shrink and the income gap sky rocket, at the same time plunging our nation deeper into debt than any other […]

The Clean Water Act

The 2002 Water Quality Assessment under the Clean Water Act is now posted on the MN Pollution Control Agency’s web site. There’s a story in today’s (8/23/’03) Star Tribune about the posting and what it reports. Rice County lakes (pdf) don’t fare well — only 3 are “good” and rest are “poor.” For some specifics […]

Sunday in District 25b

Last Sunday, I went to Belle Plaine after a member of the Belle Plaine Historical Society told me about their annual Flea Market. It was very hot but cheerful nonetheless — people were selling crafts, baked goods and antiques. I got a great tour of the Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom House and learned a little history about pioneer […]
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