The Clean Water Act

The 2002 Water Quality Assessment under the Clean Water Act is now posted on the MN Pollution Control Agency’s web site. There’s a story in today’s (8/23/’03) Star Tribune about the posting and what it reports. Rice County lakes (pdf) don’t fare well — only 3 are “good” and rest are “poor.” For some specifics […]

Sunday in District 25b

Last Sunday, I went to Belle Plaine after a member of the Belle Plaine Historical Society told me about their annual Flea Market. It was very hot but cheerful nonetheless — people were selling crafts, baked goods and antiques. I got a great tour of the Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom House and learned a little history about pioneer […]

More for a few, and less for you!

Those Republicans are at it again, and we’re still trying to understand the Republican message. We have to look at what Republicans say are their priorities and how that matches with their policies, it’s frightening, an exercise in disbelief, but how else do we hold them accountable? Isn’t it enough, way too much, that they […]

More for a few, and less for you! (Second in a series)

Last night, I attended a Northfield Precinct 2-1, neighborhood meeting hosted by Bill and Janet McGrath, a great idea for promoting citizen action and involvement. It was an open mic event and all were invited to speak. It was so encouraging to hear folks talk about their concern for their community for their state and […]

More for a few, and less for you!

(First in a series) “We have to do more with less.” Republicans are using this phrase a lot, and I roll my eyes and struggle to keep a straight face. But the problem is, it’s no laughing matter. I wish they’d say what they mean instead of harkening back to the old ’70s phrase ‘less […]

Utility lies and misdeeds…

The fourth most common lie… “There’s an energy shortage!” When you hear we need new transmission and lots of new big generation, it’s a bunch of hooey! Here’s what the industry organization says: North American Electric Reliability Council Reliability Assessment 2002-2011 “Reserve margins are nearly twice what’s needed” (p. 17)“These are low estimates” – (p. […]

Transmission Planning in Minnesota

Minnesota utilities have begun the first series of public meetings under the new Transmission Planning rules enacted as a result of the 2001 Energy Bill and subsequent Minn. Rule ch. 7848. Last month, I attended the Transmission Planning meeting for South East Minnesota over in Rochester. There was a good crowd, with Northfielders Bruce Anderson […]

Lights OUT!

Reuters No, we’re not at summer camp – the East coast is just beginning to be electrified after the largest blackout in history. What caused this blackout? Overloading of the system with market transactions in a utility effort to make as much profit as they could in the wholesale market that rose with high demand […]

What about education reform?

“A distinguishing characteristic of our nation – and a great strength – is the development of our institutions within the concept of individual worth and dignity. Our schools are among the guardians of that principle. Consequently . . . and deliberately their control and support throughout our history have been – and are – a […]
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