Touring Storm Damage at Far-Gaze-Farm

          On Wednesday I joined Dept. Ag. Commissioner Dave Fredrickson on a tour of Far Gaze Farm recently hit by a tornado. Damage was devastating as you can see in the before and after shots.           Commissioner Fredrickson observed, “the power of nature is overwhelming how quickly […]

Wellstone: Politics Should Be About Improving People’s Lives

I was inspired by Erin Murphy’s campaign for Governor because she argued we can actually solve the societal problems we face if we just put our political will to work. We hear too often that we might as well just accept the world as it is because these problems are just too big for us […]

Improving American Education: Looking beyond our borders

Since the 1980s when politicians blamed our public schools for our economy falling behind Japan, we‘ve struggled with how to improve them. Many complained about how our schools were stuck in a 19th century mode of educating our young people but instead of consulting with experts and learning from the latest research they decided that a […]

Jeffrey Sachs and “Future Now”

Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University Professor and director of the Earth Institute has joined entrepreneur Adam Pritzker and former New York State Senator Daniel Squadron to begin the Future Now project to achieve ‘America’s Goals’ by 2030. Much of the proposal is mentioned in his recent book, Building the New American Economy: Smart, Fair, and Sustainable. Much of what […]


    The President and his allies in Congress are talking about their big plans for ‘huge’ tax cuts in the midst of massive weather related destruction. Making outrageous claims that this is what will bring about ‘tremendous’ economic growth, increased wages and increased job creation right here in America. All this from a man […]

Let’s All Do Better—Together!

In my years in the Minnesota House of Representatives, I have noticed that everyone talks about saving our middle class economy. Our actions, however, can tell a different story. We hear calls to cut education, defund health programs, let our roads fall apart, resist sustainable energy solutions, and support economic policies that have us working […]

Here is my last Op-Ed in Northfield News

Best Life Alliance requires support By DAVID BLY Guest columnist Our 10-week legislative session is now almost half over. Most of this week consisted of long hours in committees satisfying what’s known as the “first deadline.” For many bills to remain alive, they must have been heard in either the House or Senate by the […]