“Eyewitness to Global Warming” Event


Will Steger and J. Drake Hamiltion of Fresh Energy spoke Tuesday night at Bethel Lutheran Church to a packed crowd of several hundred. The subject, “Global Warming and What you can do about it.” This event was Co-hosted by Congregations Caring for Creation and organized locally by Connie DeGrote of Bethel Lutheran.

stegernoble.JPGWill Steger is seen here with Fresh Energy Director, Michael Noble in a photo I took of them at the unveiling of 'Fresh Energy’s' new name. Steger gave a compelling and persuasive presentation of his first hand experience of the signs of global warming and what it is doing and is likely to do to our planet. Of greatest concern is the melting of glaciers and ice shelves on both poles; and the exposure of the tundra with melting of the permafrost. The reason the latter is of such concern is that the tundra is a large double continent wide bog that when thawed will actively release great amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere. He showed dramatic photos of the ice melt and talked about what it is doing to wild life and Inuit culture. Steger will soon embark on a cultural expedition to Baffin Island baffin_1_1000000_two.jpgto visit several villages and talk with villagers about the changes they are witnessing. The expedition will be part of the Global Warming 101 project and students and teachers will be able to follow their progress. He also hopes to create a documentary film of the event. 

hamilton.jpgJ. Drake Hamilton talked about the impact of the use of fossil fuels on our environment and indicated scientists figure we have until to 2050 to reduce our 1990 level use of fossil fuels by 80% or we will have to accept life on a drastically different planet. She indicated that Minnesota summers might be more like summer in Kansas today, dryer, longer and hotter. We might experience as many as 40 days above 90 degrees. To avoid this we must reduce fuel emissions that contribute to CO2 in the atmosphere. We have to act quickly but things can be done to improve our situation. Conserve energy, use fuel-efficient cars and appliances, change incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs in your home and workplace. Invest in renewable energy, recycle, walk, bike and carpool. Lobby the legislature to pass a renewable energy standard and carbon emission reduction measures. She also mentioned the U. S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement  that I mentioned in a previous blog. If you want to join our effort and sign the petition please send me an e-mail at david@davidbly.com

Alycia Ashburn, Creation Care Coordinator also spoke about the efforts congregations can make to educate and spread the word to ‘care for creation.’ The talk was followed a display of local and state groups who offer information about what can be done to confront this problem.

Griff Wigley was there and has posted podcasts of the speakers you may want to take a listen "Will Steger on Global Climate Change

Here are some of the groups present:

Cannon River Watershed Partnership

ReNew Northfield

Northland Bioneers

Fresh Energy

Congregations Caring for Creation

Minnesota Commerce Dept.

Global Warming 101 

Also check out Global Warming International for updates 

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