A Page from Rep. Hansen’s journal

Rep. Rick Hansen of South St. Paul, occasionally sends out updates to constituents and members, this one gives a flavor of what our weekend has been like.  I thought you might find it interesting to read, especially since I haven’t blogged much the past month. We are currently sitting at our desks waiting for reconvening of the special session, which started at 12:01am last night:

It is 2:25 PM.  I stopped by the West St. Paul days Kiwanis pancake breakfast and silent auction a little this afternoon.  Good pancakes and great silent auction.  Evan had fun with the kids games.  The West St. Paul Kiwanis will be having a free barbeque:

Tuesday, June 15th @ Marthaler Park in West St. Paul

11:00 to 2:00

For more information and RSVP call Steve Stremski at 651.457.6348

3:09 PM we have convened.  Retiring Rep. Demmer announced that he brought cookies.  The House applauds.

SF 2471 an elections bill relating to independent expenditures.  Passes 127 – 0.

K – 12 EDUCATION (HF 2079)

Report adopted after some debate.

5:07 PM  I vote for the bill.  Passes 77 – 53.

Rep. Hortman moves a recess until 7 PM.

About 8:30 PM we began retirement speeches while in recess.  The surprise was Rep. Larry Haws of St. Cloud.

Here is an editorial today from the Star Tribune

10:46 PM   We reconvene and take up SF 2908.  Norton moves the Healthy kids bill (RA10-590) as an amendment.  Thissen moves to delete everything in the original bill after what was just amended in (section 1)  Passed 121 – 7.

HF 3329 Greiling moves House concur with Senate amendments.  Metro deaf school.  Concur.  Passage.  130 – 0.

HF 3492 Hausman moves a bonding technical amendment bill.  Small amendment approved.  Passage 105 – 26.

HF 3162 Dill has a resolution.  Rep. Emmer decides to debate a resolution at 11:06 PM.  Resolution passes 104 – 1.

Conf Committee report HF 2227 creating a Commission on Service Innovation and Minnovation Council and a Task Force on Policy Innovation.  I voted no on the first version and will again.  Passes 84 – 46.

Thissen moved to reconsider SF 2908.  We did and Koenen moves RA10-603.  Amendment approved.  Third reading.  Passage 102 – 29.

SF 2471 by Rep. Winkler on elections conference committee.  Passage  131 – 0.

11:55 PM  Adjourn Sine Die

The Governor will call us back into Special Session at 12:01 AM.

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