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Lights OUT!

 Reuters No, we’re not at summer camp – the East coast is just beginning to be electrified after the largest blackout in history. What caused this blackout? Overloading of the system with market transactions in a utility effort to make as much profit as they could in the wholesale market that rose with high demand […]

What about education reform?

 “A distinguishing characteristic of our nation – and a great strength – is the development of our institutions within the concept of individual worth and dignity. Our schools are among the guardians of that principle. Consequently . . . and deliberately their control and support throughout our history have been – and are – a […]

And it’s a good, good, good, good morning…

 I had to be in San Francisco for a family wedding and was unfortunately unable to attend the bow tie celebration for Bob Jacobsen and family. I wish I could have been there to honor a great person and family who have done a good deal for Northfield. I know closing the store had to […]

Cannon River Watershed Festival

 Saturday I visited the Cannon River Watershed Partnership’s Cannon River Festival, on Bridge Square in Northfield. Environmentally conscious folks met to share information on everything from clean water, organic farming, septic tanks, watersheds, pasture fed dairy cows, sustainable farming, food co-ops, and wind energy. All are working to lessen negative environmental impacts and make modern […]


 Welcome to my new web site and weblog, designed for me to easily post information, comments and opinions about whatever interests me — as well as to get input from you, the citizens of Minnesota. There’s lots to talk about: What kind of future are we creating for ourselves? What direction are we heading in […]