Back to School

dahlesclass.JPGI went ‘back to school’ for a few hours and talked with students in Kevin Dahle’s civics classes and one of Ron Nuebel’s Sr. Soc. classes.  They shared with me some of their thoughts about what we in the legislature should be focusing on.  I shared with them my voter survey, which you can download and fill out if you wish.  (You’ll find a pdf of my voter survey by clicking here – print it off, fill it out and mail it off to me.)  Most of the students, not surprisingly thought that more funding for education would help keep their class sizes down.  They have been hearing from their parents about increasing property taxes.  It was fun to interact with them and listen to their thoughts about what might be important in state government.  Mr. Dahle indicated some have them had been working on bill proposals for an e-democracy project.  

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