Campaign Update

The last few weeks have been very encouraging to me and to all those who think it is time for a changing of the guard in St. Paul. The more I talk to voters one-on-one, the more convinced I become that people in our district are more frustrated with the way things are going in St. Paul and in Washington than they let on.

I met, this last week, with several Rice County Habitat for Humanity leaders to learn about Volunteer coordination. I am serving as the chair of the volunteer committee and we are looking for a volunteer coordinator to help us keep in contact with the many people who want to help with this great effort. RCHH is building two houses in the Nerstrand area this summer and good progress has been made and looks to build more next year. If you think you could help with this position send me an e-mail (


On Wednesday, my campaign joined Jessica Peterson, Sen. Dist. 25 DFL candidate for a rally at Riverside Park to call attention to the environment. We talked about the problem of impaired waters in the Cannon Valley Watershed and what we can do about it. Our area is changing with rapid growth and if we don’t take measures to educate and protect our lakes and streams we only further damage an already stressed and fragile ecosystem. Remember, you are connected to a river. Visit the Cannon River Watershed Partnership website for more details:CRWP

Here's a copy of their June Newsletter: june-2006-newsletter-copy-2.pdf

We also talked about the problem of Global Warming and the negative impact of theriverrally8.jpg Bush energy policy and then walked over to the Southgate cinema to watch “An Inconvenient Truth.” But before we left we introduced and promoted a petition called the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. The petition urges federal and state government to enact policies and programs to reduce global warming pollution that meet or beat the Kyoto protocol targets. It further asks local government to commit to taking action to inventory global warming emissions and set reduction targets as well as create an action plan. We intend to deliver the signed petitions to the Mayor and council soon. If you are interested in signing the petition or help with the gathering of signatures send me an e-mail ( or give me a call.


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