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Renewable Energy Payments Conference

 A conference about a new way to create jobs and encourage renewable energy in your community. Sponsored by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance January 9, 2009 at Buntrock Commons, St. Olaf College, MN (click on names for directions) To register click here: To organize and inform decision makers via a one-day conference to highlight the […]

More info on Feed-In Tariffs, (FIT)

 I have been receiving calls from as far as Michigan requesting more information on the Feed-In Tariff program I have been working on. This program has generated much excitement in the field of renewable energy and I will continue working to bring this idea to fruition. Some of the people I talked to have actually complimented […]

Earth Day, April 22, 2008

 The House and Senate joint environmental and energy group has worked to address budget issues in the deficit reduction bill. Included in the bill are several provisions I authored focusing on quickly energizing our Green Economy in Minnesota. We want to infuse venture capital and long term investment in Minnesota’s burgeoning clean energy economy. You […]

Information on the Bonding Bill

 On Monday afternoon, April 7, 2008, Governor Pawlenty used the line-item veto 52 times to trim the bonding bill to $717 million – a reduction of 13%. Basically the Governor vetoed thousands of jobs that would have been created all around our state at the time when Minnesota’s economy needs the extra boost. The line-item […]

Understanding Feed-in Tariffs

 Let’s go green! Marc Strassman of the Feed-in Tariff Channel interviews Terry Tamminen, former chief policy advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger. Tamminen discusses how feed-in tariffs encourage green energy and would allow the average citizen to become entrepreneurs in the green energy effort. The video is used with permission from the Feed-in Tariff Channel, which is […]

Feed-In Tariffs: The Future of Renewable Energy

 In an earlier blog on the District 25B Energy Summit held on January 31, I talked about the need for a program called Feed-In Tariffs. A feed-in tariff is a fixed price for renewable energy that the local utility company pays to local renewable energy producers. The producers then generate renewable energy either through solar […]

Misleading statements about the Transportation Bill override

 A new television ad getting some airing recently has given rise to a misleading statement regarding the deficit and new funding generated by the 2008 Transportation Bill. To set the record straight you need not look very far for evidence to debunk this statement. The issue: Does raising the gas tax affect the current billion-dollar […]

MN House District 25B Energy Summit

 On January 31st, the first ever MN House District 25B energy summit convened at St. Olaf College. Approximately 50 people attended to discuss future energy policies and challenges facing local communities with particular attention devoted to District 25B. After a quick introduction by myself, Rep. Bill Hilty, Chair of the House Energy Committee, opened with […]

Reminder: MN House District 25B Energy Summit

 Just a reminder of the upcoming, first ever, MN House District 25B energy summit I am hosting with the Northfield Energy Taskforce. This summit will be held in the Valhalla Room at St. Olaf College on January 31st at 5:30PM. The purpose of this event will be to discuss and share ideas about the energy […]