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Lights Out! #4 about Energy and Transmission

 Today the Strib had a good editorial about ‘Fixing the grid: Don’t compromise the future.’ The word seems to be getting out. People are understanding that corporate greed for the profits of bulk power transactions is what is causing the system’s instability – they’re overloading the grid to its breaking point. “Deregulation of wholesale markets […]

Utility lies and misdeeds…

 The fourth most common lie… “There’s an energy shortage!” When you hear we need new transmission and lots of new big generation, it’s a bunch of hooey! Here’s what the industry organization says: North American Electric Reliability Council Reliability Assessment 2002-2011 “Reserve margins are nearly twice what’s needed” (p. 17)“These are low estimates” – (p. […]

Transmission Planning in Minnesota

 Minnesota utilities have begun the first series of public meetings under the new Transmission Planning rules enacted as a result of the 2001 Energy Bill and subsequent Minn. Rule ch. 7848. Last month, I attended the Transmission Planning meeting for South East Minnesota over in Rochester. There was a good crowd, with Northfielders Bruce Anderson […]

Cannon River Watershed Festival

 Saturday I visited the Cannon River Watershed Partnership’s Cannon River Festival, on Bridge Square in Northfield. Environmentally conscious folks met to share information on everything from clean water, organic farming, septic tanks, watersheds, pasture fed dairy cows, sustainable farming, food co-ops, and wind energy. All are working to lessen negative environmental impacts and make modern […]