Checking the Health of the Middle Class

MN2o20 published a commentary I wrote, here is the beginning and a link to it:

Checking the Health of the Middle Class

August 15, 2011 By David Bly, Guest Commentary

Ask any public official or private manager these days and they’ll tell you, “The increasing cost of providing health care access is killing us.”

It remains to be seen what the Affordable Care Act (the federal health care overhaul) can do for government budgets. Public health care is a larger part of Minnesota state budget that grows each year, partly to meet the needs of an aging populace. Meeting the disabled and the elderly communities’ growing needs often causes budgeting conflicts among policymakers, who argue health care spending is consuming the rest of Minnesota’s budget. Soon, they say, there’ll be a struggle to fund our children’s future just as we keep our commitments to Minnesota seniors and people with disabilities. (more)

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