Committee Updates (continued)


HF 219 was passed by the committee this week, which expands employee sick leave benefits beyond the currently allowed leave to care for sick children to also include leave to care for parents, stepparents, grandparents and siblings.  Other testimony was taken from MnSCU faculty, University faculty, and participants in extended employment programs.  We have been hearing from many students about the high cost of higher education programs, but this week a very moving testimony from MNSCU Professor Monty Bute relayed his story rising from reform school to become college professor.  He worries that the high cost of school programs will make virtually impossible for some one to follow in his footsteps.

We visited the Minnesota Historical Society and got to see the History of Baseball exhibit and some of the treasures stored at the museum that most people rarely get to see.  Tomorrow we’ll be visiting the Science Museum and I look forward to seeing the exhibit on ‘Race’ I’ve heard so much about.

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