Crossed wires

Well this is too bad.  I guess it comes of having too many radio programs ready to go.  I was expecting KYMN to air my interview with Reginaldo (Regi) Haslett-Marroquin, Program Director, Rural Enterprise Centerand founder of Hillside Farmers Cooperative. But instead a program I recorded with Economist Tor Dahl  aired. Sorry for the confusion.  I had hoped to do a promo for that program which I will now after the fact in the next post. I apologize if you were confused, I know I was.

This must be my week for media missteps as the Northfield News printed a letter I submitted but attributed it to another letter writer.  I hope she was not inundated by attacks from the political right or embarrassed to have her name attached to my thoughts.  Because the letter mentions Tor Dahl I will include it in its full version with my post on Tor.

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