Economy Talk 2

Wed. March 30th at 6pm you can listen to installment two of “Economy Talk.”  This week I am talking with Prof. Steve Soderlind about his current primary concern, “Are the Kids all right?”  Steve teaches Urban and Regional Economics, Economic Principles, Evolutionary Economics, Consumer Economics. We explore the current struggles in making sure the generation is well prepared for the future.  Steve has some interesting ideas about how we might look locally to solve these problems.  We examine the politics of making sure the economic questions like, “are the kids all right?” get answered or get pushed aside by other concerns.  Please listen in, and remember you can e-mail me questions or comments at:

If you are outside the KYMN Radio listening area you can listen online by going to the KYMN website and clicking on the livestreaming button or connecting to this link. You listen to the archived show.

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