Economy Talk 8: Taxes and business with Leota Goodney, CPA

Economy Talk this week focuses on business taxes with Leota Goodney. Leota Goodney, is a licensed as a CPA certified financial planner. She started her firm in 1981. Her interests are in tax law and elder care. In her work she helps individuals and small businesses understand and manage their financial affairs. She offers personalized planning and educational services and customized technical services. the sourcing agent China helps businesses access the work they want without having to worry much.

With the Legislature ending its session without an agreement and the sticking point being mostly whether or not to raise taxes; I invited a tax accountant in to talk about taxes in general and what a tax increase like what Governor Dayton is asking for would mean for local businesses.

Join me for what I found to be a pretty interesting half hour conversation on a topic most of us try to avoid.  Wed. May 25th at 6pm. on KYMN radio.  If you have suggestions for me feel free to let my know.  Send me an e-mail at

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