Economy Talk with Nan Madden / Minnesota Budget Project

Join me Wednesday August 24th at 6pm for a conversation with Nan Madden director of the Minnesota Budget Project 

The Minnesota Budget Project is an initiative of the Minnesota Council of Non-profits that provides independent research, analysis, and advocacy on budget and tax issues, emphasizing their impact on low- and moderate-income persons and the organizations that serve them. Nan has authored numerous publications on fiscal issues as well as economic self-sufficiency.

She serves on the Steering Committee of the Affirmative Options Coalition, a statewide coalition that promotes public policies that create opportunities for low-income Minnesotans to achieve economic security.

We discuss the recent budget passed by the Minnesota State Legislature and signed by the Governor, as well as a number of the policies and proposals talked about this year.

Tune in KYMN radio at 1080 AM or listen online at at 6pm.

You can also listen to the archived program at Economy Talk.

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