End of session and beyond

The 2008 session ended in the midst of the State’s celebration of its 150th birthday. This photo shows the rare occasion where the chandelier of the rotunda was lit. Saturday’s session began at 10:00am and ended at 4:30am the next day. We started up again later on Sunday at 1:00pm. As you might imagine I am still somewhat sleep deprived, but I am pleased that in spite of the late hours we did manage to pass some legislation that will benefit the people of Minnesota. We were able to give schools an increase of $51 per student and passed a cost of living increase for nursing home workers as well the bonding for a Central Corridor transit plan and a new State Park at Lake Vermilion.

The last week included the celebration of state hood with a flyover of world war two planes, protest by Dakota band members, a civil war artillery battery and marchers, which I managed to capture below.

Late in the night Rep. Rukavina gave a stirring speech that was punctuated by fireworks that rumbled and shook the building. When we adjourned at midnight we listened to the parting speeches of retiring members. Here you see Rep. Patti Fritz saying good bye to retiring legislator Neva Walker. Tomorrow I will leave for New York to bring home the last items left in my brohter’s apartment. I hope to be back in time for the memorial day celebration but we will see. After that, it will be months of door knocking and marching in parades. Hope to see you on the campaign trail.

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