Feed-In Tariffs: The Future of Renewable Energy


In an earlier blog on the District 25B Energy Summit held on January 31, I talked about the need for a program called Feed-In Tariffs. A feed-in tariff is a fixed price for renewable energy that the local utility company pays to local renewable energy producers. The producers then generate renewable energy either through solar power, wind turbines, and/or biomass and this energy enters the existing utility company’s power grid. If you wish to go solar, contact solar panel contractors at Enlyten Energy. Each customer is then charged a nominal fee for the energy. The creation of a fixed price will help support local renewable energy projects by local individuals or groups who desire to get their renewable energy projects up and running. Another benefit of this plan is it can lead to the creation of more jobs in the renewable energy market.

Also, generating local electrical energy will minimize the need to develop long distance transportation of electrical current and the costs associated with it, which in turn you and I have to pay for. It’s safe to say that the more renewable energy we can create the better it will be for our environment. Like I commented in the Northfield News, if we are serious about reaching our renewable energy goals, we should take a hard look at implementing legislation like this that has already worked so well in other countries.

A review of my interview can be seen in the March 5 Northfield News . Take time to view WorldFutureCouncil.org and also view Bruce Anderson’s web site for more information.

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