Fiscal Forecast

What can we do about the fact that Minnesota job growth is significantly lagging behind national average for job growth? According to the 2007 November Forecast, projected revenues are down $740 million and we are facing a $373 million deficit. The deficit can be covered with funds from the reserves, but what picture does that paint of Minnesota when businesses analyze our state as a possible location for a large number of workers. How about these ideas?

…..Investing in the transportation system so employees can reliably come to work on time.

…..Stabilizing where taxes come from – in other words, eliminate the need for communities to raise property taxes, making housing more attractive to prospective residents.

…..Balancing the budget so new businesses can be assured they won't have to pay for debts incurred long before they came to our state.

Chief economist, Tom Stinson said, "The bottom-line is the state needs more jobs."

 What are YOUR ideas?  Feel free to call or email me with your thoughts.

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