Freedom of Speech Issues

Recently, there has been some talk about a flyer that surfaced over DJJ Days and the disappearance of lawn signs.  Placing lawn signs in compliance with State, County and Municipal Rules is a complicated task and many volunteers just don’t know the rules.  I’ve learned that most of the signs I lose have to do with an error I or a volunteer has made in placement.  There are those occasional losses to vandalism but I try not to point fingers or take them personally.  The sign I put out in front of my house the first night was knocked down and tossed about, but I have no reason to accuse or suggest who or why it might have happened.  No problem since that first day.

But more serious than lawn signs is another freedom of speech issue.  I read comments form my opponent that I found disturbing.  He implied that unless someone agrees with or supports his point of view they are being negative and should not ‘attack’ him.  He went on to say very negative things about citizens expressing their point of view in an orderly and legal fashion, calling them “pathetic” and just “wanting to get their way.”  I believe our government is founded on the principle that when the people object to something they should have the right to voice their concern.  It doesn’t matter if they are upset with the actions of an influential individual or government official.  Our actions have the potential to harm people and we should be willing to hear about that harm. 

I read through the flyer that was passed out just yesterday and found it to be a fair comparison of things that my opponent has said and defended and things I have said.  This kind of comparison is useful for voters as it points out clear differences in what we believe.    

I do believe that fair and livable wages are very important issues if we are to preserve our middle class and the minimum wage rule is a way for the government to assure that we are headed in that direction.  I believe labor unions are an important factor in our society in assuring that our middle class is maintained.   My opponent disagrees.  There is nothing wrong with that disagreement.  We should not be afraid to discuss it.

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