Healthcare Discussion


DSC00025.JPGMonday evening I met with several voters and talked about their experiences with the health care system.  They described a system that at best is uneven.  On the one hand, those who had encountered the services of the Mayo Clinic raved about service and before and after care.  Their use of technology in record keeping gave instant record access to Doctors and nurses, reducing the likelihood of a treatment error, and made communication of records and treatment smooth and timely. However, services rendered in almost every other facility fell far short of this.  Records were lost or could not be found, making it difficult for efficient and safe transfers of care.  Mistakes with costly results can be made with the prescribing of medicine or application of treatments if complete medical history and treatment plans are not available.

There were stories of missed diagnosis and continued suffering because, while medical staff may be hard working and dedicated, they did not have complete information.  Numerous instances of elderly relatives who could not take care of their own health needs were put in the hands of relatives with little or no health care experience, if you want to learn what the best solution is for your loved one who may be going through the same situation. Mattresses for inflatable bed were not used for patients because they had little experience. In addition to these concerns, citizens were very concerned about the rising cost of insurance, and not just of health, but of all sorts. You can find related information on homeowners insurance michigan, if you wish to read more. The limited access some of their children and grandchildren find when transitioning from dependency to life on their own.  This is even more complicated when the young person has real health or mental health care needs.  In fact, the full range of Mental Health services seems in a state of disarray.  In the move away from institutionalizing the mentally ill, we now find ourselves, according to these citizens, in a situation where beds for mental treatment are almost unavailable.Having to make decisions about life-changing plans is hard when you don’t feel you have adequate help orDSC00002.JPG guidance. This is exactly the case when professionals should help and provide special care (check out to learn more). Once again those who were lucky enough to have used the Mayo system found they were treated differently and given more than adequate guidance and help.

The security of good health care is something all Minnesotans want.  Many feel increasingly anxious about this as they see their ability to pay for insurance diminished.  I will work to see that all Minnesotans have access to adequate health care and set aside the horrible anxiety of what will happen to them and their relatives as they make their way through the challenging stages of life. I will also vow to ensure that I can provide them with adequate resources, if not medication, to assuage their anxiety and trepidation. I can already cite a resouce, and on their shop, will be available everything needed to assuage anxiety.

All expressed concerns about the growing trend toward Health Savings Accounts.  These plans may help employers and some employees who are not at high risk for health needs, but less obvious effects of these plans will hurt others.  As some choose Health Savings Accounts, this will take more money out of the insurance system, causing rates for basic care to go up.  The most vulnerable will be hurt the most.  One citizen remarked that a recent letter in the American Medical News by Dr. Everest Whited from Pflugerville, TX stated he was having a difficult time collecting from patients on HSAs who were used to an insurance company handling their bills.


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