Help for Spiking Propane Costs

In response to the alarming spike in propane costs throughout Minnesota, the Department of Commerce recently announced additional financial assistance for eligible Minnesotans currently heating their homes with propane and heating oil.

Financial assistance is available through Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program (EAP), with additional payments available as early as next week. Households with an income less than 50 percent of the state median income ($43,642 for a family of four) may qualify for up to $500 in additional assistance, according to the Department of Commerce.

There is also a newly-created hotline operating Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm for Minnesotans who have questions about the current propane situation or who are in danger of running out of heating fuel. Residents of greater Minnesota can reach the hotline by calling 1-800-657-3504.

MPR has reported on the release of extra subsidies by the federal government and some possible reasons for the shortage.


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