Heritage Days Parade, Faribault, MN

Heritage Day Parade 08The parade celebrating Heritage Days in Faribault, MN on Saturday, June 21, turned out to be a wonderful time as predicted. The weather was perfect, sunny and in the high 70s and not a cloud in sight. The number of visitors and parade watchers that were present surprised me. It was a great opportunity to meet and shake hands with so many. When you visit and participate in these small-town, local events, what impresses me is the hometown feeling you experience. Memories of past parades flood you with sentimental feelings that you as a young child felt when you first saw a parade.

People from all over come to these events for the fun and the excitement. But seeing the effortless smiles on the children lining the parade route is all the evidence you need as proof of why we participate in these local events – for the parade is mostly for them. Hundreds if not thousands of young faces lined the parade route gathering candy and stickers. Ray Coudret, a member of my Dallas re-election committee, brought a young dog named Sofie and, heard all along the parade route, was the children’s gleeful cry “Can we pet your dog?”. Sofie was rather timid at the start of the parade but by the end she really seemed to enjoy all the attention. Ray’s young son Trey has to be nominated as one of the cutest children who ever carried a “David Bly” campaign sign. Pretty adept on a scooter, young Dallas Miller raced feverishly along the streets during the parade while his mother Cindy handed out stickers.

Visiting from California, my mom, Mary Bly joined in the parade too. For being 81 years old, and using a cane, she nearly walked the whole parade route waving frequently to the crowd. Two blocks from the end though, with the renewed energy of a 2 year-old toddler, she bolted from the parade when she spotted the “Cheese Curd” booth, thereby satisfying a long suppressed craving for good-old Minnesota Fair food.

The committee for organizing the Heritage Days festival deserves our thanks. It was truly a memorable time and we as participants appreciate the opportunity to join in celebrating the history of Faribault. Let me offer special thanks to the members of the Re-elect David Bly campaign committee, particularly to Mike Fitzgerald and family and Judy Kutulas for participating in this event. Your help and dedication is always appreciated.

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