Higher Education Committee Update– College Tuition, Mayo Clinic, and GI Education

Higher Ed. committee presentations began with President Bruiniks from the University of Minnesota and Chancellor McCormick on behalf of MnSCU of their 2007 budget requests. 

The Governor has recommended less than the amount requested by both systems.  Under the Governor's budget, the University is saying they cannot limit a potential tuition increase to 4.5% as they planned under their budget proposal. 

MnSCU, however, does plan to limit their increase to 4% even if it means program cuts in the system. This week the committee heard the office of Higher Education present the Governor's recommendations for financial assistance for students. 

The committee also heard from the Mayo Clinic about its request for $2.5 million for the Mayo Medical School and the Mayo Family Residency program.

The committee heard two versions of the Minnesota GI Education bill.  The Governor is proposing in HF 162 (Haws) a $30 million program to help veterans attend higher education and is using caps-in-aid to veterans to keep the assistance within his budget parameters. This bill is meant to "fill in" after other state and federal aid programs are used.  

The Attorney General also has a GI Education proposal, HF 533 (Lieder), which was amended in the Senate this week, and does not cap aid.   Both were passed to Veterans Finance. 

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