Lights OUT!


No, we’re not at summer camp – the East coast is just beginning to be electrified after the largest blackout in history. What caused this blackout? Overloading of the system with market transactions in a utility effort to make as much profit as they could in the wholesale market that rose with high demand for power in the current heat wave – I have that report from a cohort who works with an electrical engineer with a Ph.D. in power engineering who has been an expert in transmission cases here and elsewhere.

What’s the state of the transmission grid out east right now? – (click below the map on R for larger view)

We don’t need more transmission – what we need is Distributed Generation – building new generation near load. More transmission only builds continued reliance on a grid that is not sustainable, that is operated for profit rather than public purpose, and which is a great security risk. More smaller generating units closer to end use makes a lot more sense than HUGE generators a long ways away connected by that vulnerable thin string of a transmission line – it’s not that complicated — as they say in transmission circles, “It’s all connected!” By building close, we virtually eliminate the need for new transmission.

See Greg Palast’s blog for August 15, 2003 about the blackout.

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Hears what Harvey Wasserman has to say:
The latest bogus fossil-nuke blackout: this grid should not exist By Harvey Wasserman – The Free Press August 15, 2003

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