Local Ownership For Energy Projects

solar power_2.JPGA recent article by H. J. Cummins, Star Tribune, reports on my sponsorship of a bill to encourage local ownership of small energy projects. This proposal takes a more European approach to renewable energy. The measure would be a counterpoint to other tax incentives, including a federal production tax credit, that typically benefit large, corporate investors.

The proposed model, known as “feed-in tariffs” has worked in countries such as Germany, increasing both renewable energy capacity and the role of small owners. Under this system, Germany expanded its wind capacity 70% every year for a decade and its solar capacity expanded 70% per year from 1999 to 2005. Other states such as Michigan and California have been looking at feed-in tariffs although no state has yet developed such a program.

For more info on this proposal you can read the full Star Tribune article, with any associated images and links click here.

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