Mayor’s Energy Task Force

thanksgiving.jpegThe latest news reports tell us that consumers will be paying more this year for their Thanksgiving dinners. Not only for the food they put on their tables but for the energy that brought it there – as well as the energy they use to prepare their traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Energy and food prices will continue to be a local concern of residents in rural areas and an issue that the legislature is very concerned about.  Recently, I have been meeting with a group of volunteers exploring local initiatives for energy conservation and potential production of energy in the Northfield area.  This group has the recognition and support of the mayor and city council to pursue a variety of ideas.

On October 10th they met at the NCRC to discuss and encourage small groups to pursue a variety of ideas.

I assisted the energy task force in meeting with Mike Bull of the Dept. of Commerce and with Xcel Energy to explore effective strategies to reduce energy costs for citizens and look into potential energy partnerships – perhaps even a wind turbine project.  I am hoping to bring together other local government officials to talk about ways to help communities save on energy costs in the near future.

For more information about the Northfield Mayor’s Energy Task Force call or e-mail me.

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