Minnesota Health Reform Caucus (MHRC)

Starting in the summer of 07’, a group of freshmen legislators, committed to real health care reform, began meeting in St. Paul. Calling themselves the Minnesota Health Reform Caucus, the group is chaired by myself, Carolyn Laine (DFL, Columbia Heights) and Shelly Madore (DFL, Apple Valley). We met regularly to discuss issues into today’s health care reform debate such as single-payer, de-privatization, county-based purchasing, managed care, health savings accounts (HSAs), report cards, disease management, medical homes, bulk purchasing of prescription drugs to name a few.

We have also worked with Rep. Ken Tschumper (DFL, La Crescent) and Sen. John Marty (DFL, Roseville) on the Minnesota Health Plan, a bill for true reform. Both of them have been very busy with the single-payer working group of the Health Care Access Commission.

I urge you to support MHRC leaders and members in any way you can. Write your respective legislatures urging them to support the MHRC by attending the upcoming press conference at the State Office Building, Room 181 on February 11 at 11:15 AM.

Prior to the press conference a handful of us will tour the state, Feb. 7,8, and 9, to promote the Minnesota Health Plan. In addition to the bill we are promoting several bills that will bring us closer to our goal of providing quality, comprehensive health care to all Minnesotans that is affordable, portable and can’t be taken away. Our last stop will be in Northfield on Feb. 9th for a 1:30-2:00 PM Northfield Press Conference and then a 2-3:00 PM Northfield Town Hall Meeting at the public library.

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