Minnesota Nurses Association PAC Endorsement

I’m pleased to announce that the political action committee of the Minnesota Nurses Association has endorsed me for re-election. The MNA PAC has recognized this year’s efforts to improve access to health care and improve health in general through support education and prevention. I am committed to making sure that health care providers have a safe work environment.

The Nurses Association is a 100 year old organization whose mission is to advance the professional, economic, and general well-being of nurses and to promote the health and well-being of the public. I worked with legislative leaders on pay increases for nursing home workers and his goal to achieve a universal health care system are aligned with the goals of the MN Nurses Association.

For example, during the 2008 legislation session, after a proposal to cut nursing home reimbursement rates by 4%, I worked with Rep. Patti Fritz along with long-term care advocates to get an amendment to restore a 2% Cost of Living Adjustment for the second year of the biennial budget.

However, more needs to be done to bring compensation in line with inflation and to work towards getting affordable health care to all Minnesotans.




One thought on “Minnesota Nurses Association PAC Endorsement

  1. So Mr Bly has received an endorsement from the Nurses PAC. Now do these nurses understand that Bly wants Universal Health Care? And if that happens, as it will if we elect anymore liberals and/or Obama, or reelect Bly to promote and push through their tax heavy social programs, which place extra burden on those working for a living.
    My question to these nurses is;
    Do you understand what will happen to your pay if we have universal health care?
    Look at Nursing homes and the pay the staff receives there as is MANDATED by the State! It is not quite as good as you have it now. So endorsing Bly gains you what?
    Do you think it will be as lucrative as it is now?
    Universal Health Care run by the Government will be all about the Government telling us where we an go and then allocating the resources we will or won’t have access to, to whom they feel needs it. Need to have a baby? Is this(http://donsurber.blogspot.com/2007/09/war-with-canada-was-averted-this-week.html) what will happen?
    Do not tell me this will not happen. Look at Medicare! lousy reimbursement for services. Yet no cost reduction in supplies, costs, only increases, etc. So you cannot raise your charges and have to eat the costs, how well does that work?
    If Canadian Health care is so good, why have I known 4 to 5 Doctors, from Canada, working in the Emergency Hospital where I used to work as a medic/supervisor? I’m waiting!! Why are they here and not in Canada?
    So the Nurses endorse Bly. Foolishness, jeopardizing their own futures as they know them now!!

    A quote from a former State Rep.

    “I see…..Needs to raise compensation for nurses and make health care more affordable for all…..hum…..Gee….I’m sensing that the only way to do this must be to create a government run, owned sponsored and delivered medical system. Say, and while we are at it, let’s put a Constitutional Question on the ballot asking everyone if they want an acceptable living wage check from the government each week as well….that should do it.”