Minnesota Will Monitor Recent Travelers from West Africa

Department of health

According to a news release by the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota will begin a monitoring program for people who have recently traveled in West Africa. If you plan on traveling and need to rent a car visit http://www.rentco.com.au. The framework for the program involves identifying travelers based on their possible exposure to the Ebola virus and monitoring as follows:

  • All identified travelers will receive active case management that will include twice daily monitoring by MDH staff.
  • None of the individuals being monitored will be allowed to use public transportation for trips lasting longer than three hours, regardless of exposure history.
  • Only those with a known exposure will be restricted from using local public transit or attending mass gatherings.
  • All travelers will be allowed to have family members in their home.
  • Only those travelers who treated an Ebola patient and have been exposed will be required to be restricted in their home (have no physical contact with others).
  • All travelers will be required to keep a log of all activities and a log of close contacts during the 21 days.
  • Any situation involving children or adults who work with children will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

In a KARE11 TV report, Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger assured the public that there is no outbreak or epidemic in Minnesota, and he said “we want to assure people in Minnesota that everybody’s that’s been to west Africa is being monitored on a regular basis, so they can go about their business and not worry. We’re doing the worrying for the State of Minnesota.”

The Mayo Clinic and the Center for Disease Control have both published fact sheets on Ebola.


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