New Laws Effective 7/1/14: Kill Switch, Pollinators, Broadband Connectivity, etc.

New Laws going into effect on 7/1/14 reflect a wide range of goals for the state. Here are just some of the highlights:

EducatiClassroomon: The per-pupil basic education formula was increased. State colleges and universities are directed to develop a plan to help students transfer credits more easily.

Gender Pay Gap: laws addressing expanded parental leave, protection of victims of domestic violence and the decreasing of the gender pay gap will take affect.bee

Pollinators:  Funds are made available to find sources of nectar and pollen for native pollinators and honey bees as well as for research how neonicotinoid insecticides affect bees.
The law also prohibits a “bee-friendly” label on plants if they have a detectable level of systemic insecticide.

Cell Phone Kill Switches: beginning 7/1/2015 new cell phones sold in this state will be required to have an antitheft function.  Beginning July of this year, sellers of used phones must implement protections which will halt the resale of stolen phones.

Transportation: More funding for critical road projects is made available.  You may see an increase in the 55 mph speed limit on 2-lane roads if the Department of Transportation deems it safe and reasonable to raise the limit.




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