New Laws Effective Jan. 1, 2008

Attached is a listing of selected new laws passed during the 2007 legislative session that take effect Jan. 1, 2008.

For a complete summary of new laws, vetoed bills and proposals in limbo, House Public Information Services lists the New Mn Laws of 2007. Just click on the subject you’re interested in.

From this Web page, you can access stories about all the laws enacted in 2007, bills that were vetoed, and updates on bills that, while may be receiving a lot of attention, did not make it into law.

The stories are categorized under topics such as Agriculture, Banking and Business. Included this year is an index to will help you determine under which category you will find the story for which you may be searching.

When you find the story, you will see that the House file (HF), Senate file (SF) and Chapter (CH) numbers appear to the right of the story along with the name of the House and Senate authors. An asterisk indicates the version of the bill sent to the governor. Stories on major appropriations or omnibus policy laws include references to article and section numbers wherever possible. Effective dates are also included in most stories.

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